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Azure DevOps Engineer

Deliveron · Omaha, Nebraska
Department Deliveron
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Are you someone that likes to work with teams across the organization to help create high performing delivery teams?


Do you enjoy implementing DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions to break down traditional silos between development, testing, project management, and operations to establish cohesive processes from requirements to deployments?


Required experience and skills:


  • Understand how to manage Agile projects using Azure Boards
  • Experience customizing process templates to fit needs from portfolio to teams
  • Know how to surface and visualize Azure DevOps data to an organization through tools in Azure DevOps and Power BI
  • Experience extending Azure DevOps by creating custom extensions
  • Leverage Git version control for providing a workflow for helping to ensure quality through branch policies, CI, and branching strategies
  • Be able to explain various branching strategies and working with clients to fit their needs
  • Create CI process across multiple platforms to compile, execute unit tests, and perform code quality checks.
  • Create Software Delivery Pipelines (SDP) to deploy applications, infrastructure as code across the multiple environments including SDLC controls.
  • Experience including security controls into the SDP process including SAST, DAST, and 3rd party Open Source Software (OSS) scanning
  • Experience using Azure Artifacts to manage 1st party built libraries and upstream 3rd party libraries
  • Leverage Azure DevOps for Test Case Management
  • Experience with automated testing across all levels - unit, service level, and UI testing and incorporating these tests in the pipeline.
  • Experience scripting in PowerShell and developing in C#
  • Experience working with web applications, services, and containerized applications
  • Experience is building Infrastructure as Code for provisioning public cloud infrastructure
  • Building and architecting public cloud applications
  • Customer-oriented, diligent, proactive, focused on achieving customer's business objectives as a top priority
  • Able to work successfully both individually and as a team
  • Easy-going, friendly, communicative, strives to see opportunities rather than problems


Nice to Haves

Experience with Kubernetes

Deep Azure Experience

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